Container Barging Service:

Experience & Service:
  • In the South: PCL has been providing the barging service for containerized cargo from Saigon ports to satellite ICD in Ho Chi Minh City’s area, to Dong Nai Port, Binh Duong Port, Long An Port, to a series of ports in Cai Mep (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) and vice versa. Thanks to barging service, the volume records of the company have been increasing year by year.
  • In the Mekong River Delta:
    • PCL’s service is provided to the customers who have the demand to transport the containers from the North (through Hai Phong port) to provinces in the Mekong River Delta and vice versa which is always considered as a potential market though it’s at the far end of the country.
    • PCL’s core competitive ability in Container Barging Service lies in its two-way containerized cargo (Other competitors only have cargo from Ho Chi Minh City to Mekong River Delta and there’s nil cargo back).
    • Combining own barge operation and fixed slot exchange/buying, PCL can implement up to seven sailings/week connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong River Delta & v.v.
    • Besides its own cargo COC (Carrier Owned Container), PCL also accepts SOC (Shipper Owned Container) including transshipment and empty containers of both MLO and NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier).
  • In the North:
    • PCL is providing the service to transport containers between Hai Phong Port and Viet Tri Province (via Hai Linh Port).


  • 02 barges of 24 Teu
  • 02 barges of 36 Teu
  • 04 barges of 54 Teu
  • 01 barge of 128 Teu

Shipping Agency:

PCL has been acting as General Agent in Vietnam territory for several International Principals and always commit to protect all rights of the Principal in Vietnam. We’ve been providing Husbandry Agent service to vessels calling Vietnamese main ports like Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Cat Lai, Saigon Port, ports in Cai Mep (Ba Ria – Vung Tau)… over the years. As a trusted extension of Principal’s team, we keep their port stays short and their ships on the move.

With well-trained & qualified personnel and far-reaching networks throughout the country, we also act as Booking Agent for both foreign and domestic partners. While acting as Booking Agent, we’ve been performing well via our impressive volumes. To achieve this, we’ve treasured a dedicated Sales & Marketing team who are frequently trained by either foreign or local professional officers in shipping lines. PCL’s skillful Sales force has built up the Principals’ confidence to PCL over the years.

Furthermore, customer service executives always work whole-heartedly in the office to support the customers and the Sales & Marketing team, too. Both nominated and free-hand shipments are treated so well that not only the customers but also the Principal are happy with us. At the same time, PCL try by all means finds out the most simple and cost-saving ways to handle any issues to Principal’s equipment.

Time Chartering:

Time Chartering is one of the most prominent strength of PCL’s General Director who has superb skills for working with the Brokers and has exceptional skills for negotiating with either the Charterer or Shipowner. He is the one who knows how to manage a Charter party best for the benefit of the Charterer or Shipowner based on each situation.

Besides working with MLO about feeder services, PCL’s General Director has fruitfully signed Charter Party with MLO like K’line, T.S. Lines, American President Lines (APL), Evergreen, Wan Hai Line, Orient Express Lines (OEL)…

PCL’s General Director runs the business flexibly by operating the vessels among feeder service, time charter or domestic service… depending on the specifications of each vessel, on the draft and on the market situation, too.

Railway Logistics:

PCL has entered a strategic agreement with ITL – a leading service provider of rail operations in Vietnam. ITL Railway Logistics operates a stable schedule of 5 days a week with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Danang specializing in domestic rail based logistics solutions in Vietnam.

In addition, ITL has invested in and operates the Yen Vien rail terminal in Hanoi. This competitive advantage enables ITL to offer a one of a kind, best in class rail logistics offering. Beyond traditional domestic rail and sea freight services, ITL also offers customized and value-add solutions, specializing in solution design for the specific needs of each customer such as high-value goods, heavy goods, emergency goods and raw material flows for manufacturing or project based requirements. ITL Railway Logistics provides market leading stable and reliable rail services for customers through operation excellence in KPI management, customer service and technology capability (GPS, SMS alerts amongst others).


PCL is operating and managing a Depot in Hai Phong providing its customers with following main services:

  • Container Depot (for both laden and empty containers)
  • Stuffing and Unstuffing (Loading/Unloading) cargoes
  • Container repair services

Container Leasing:

Container Fleet:

  • PCL’s Container fleet composes of 1,080x20’GP and 590x40’HC.
  • In addition to owned containers, PCL has signed long-term contract with world famous leasing companies including Triton International, CAI (Container Applications International), SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd., CARU Containers…

PCL is providing services at following Depots in Vietnam:

  • In Hai Phong: TVK Depot, VCSC Depot, North Freight Depot …
  • In Ho Chi Minh City: HTN Depot, Saigonship Depot …
  • In Da Nang: Genuine Partner Depot
  • Software management:

    PCL’S Container Fleet is controlled and managed domestically and internationally by a professional software. Therefore, any kind of container reports can be extracted at any time.

    Container M&R:

    • PCL owns a team of skillful workers who major in Container M&R. Besides providing service for Container M&R at above-mentioned depots, PCL also provide this service at other depots and ports as customers’ request.
    • PCL’s Container M&R workers are equipped with both domestic and international certificates like IICL5, RF container…

    Customs Clearance:

    In addition to above-mentioned multimodal transportation and logistics services, PCL also provide Customs Clearance service for all customers.

    PCL is a professional service provider for Customs Clearance. PCL’s personnel is usually trained on up-to-date rules and regulations at ports to make sure that they can handle the job at any time requested by our customers.

    PCL’s staffs are skillful, experienced and hardworking persons. They all are comprehensive of the local and international Customs Procedures to ensure smooth operation everywhere.

    In terms of Customs Clearance, PCL arranges adequate personnel and always puts its staffs on duty to serve the customers around the clock.

    Based on the good and long-term relationship with different Customs Offices, PLC commits to handle all cases at the quickest and most cos-effective ways.

    PCL’s Customs Clearance covers different types of services for:

    • Import & export cargo for trading
    • Import & export cargo for handling
    • Import & export cargo for producing and exporting
    • Temporary import and re-export
    • In transit…

    Moreover, PCL also provides other services like:

    • Customs Clearance at sea ports and airports
    • Customs Clearance at Industrial Zone
    • Getting certificate of origin…

    Value-added Services:

    PCL is also proving additional services including: o 24/7 Customer Service o Advisory Service of Solutions for Logistics