COMPLETE PEOPLE HELPING each other during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • 06/08/2021
  • In the past time, continuous days, continuous time on the streets, alleys or between the city centers have appeared many actions to help, share all requests with those who are having difficulties during the epidemic season. , creating a positive spillover in society. It's free rice, water, bread on the road; free rice ATMs, supermarkets - shops 0 VND; car repair points, free restaurants for the poor and disabled. Thereby, quality and spiritual equipment for people in difficult circumstances, people in the blockade area and the online workforce to fight the epidemic, contribute to people's peace of mind and overcome difficulties in the winter. Translate.
    Before the complicated Covid-19 pandemic, many restaurants in the city also had to close. Know and understand the difficult situation of loading trucks, containers, long-distance running and content areas where there is no stopping place to eat,
    Establishing PCL for free sponsors, supporting sponsors to have lunch during the epidemic season and providing accommodation for drivers far from home, assured to serve mainly urban users. .
    Covid-19 parallels many recipes for the whole community, but this spirit of solidarity and equipment and meaningful contributions will have a great effect on the whole society to overcome the pandemic soon.

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