Customs brokerage services
Customs brokerage services

In addition to above-mentioned multimodal transportation and logistics services, PCL also provide Customs Clearance service for all customers.

PCL is a professional service provider for Customs Clearance. PCL’s personnel is usually trained on up-to-date rules and regulations at ports to make sure that they can handle the job at any time requested by our customers.

PCL’s staffs are skillful, experienced and hardworking persons. They all are comprehensive of the local and international Customs Procedures to ensure smooth operation everywhere.

In terms of Customs Clearance, PCL arranges adequate personnel and always puts its staffs on duty to serve the customers around the clock.

Based on the good and long-term relationship with different Customs Offices, PLC commits to handle all cases at the quickest and most cos-effective ways.

PCL’s Customs Clearance covers different types of services for:

  • Import & export cargo for trading
  • Import & export cargo for handling
  • Import & export cargo for producing and exporting
  • Temporary import and re-export
  • In transit…

Moreover, PCL also provides other services like:

  • Customs Clearance at sea ports and airports
  • Customs Clearance at Industrial Zone
  • Getting certificate of origin…
Detailed description

Our service integrates into our clients' export and import department to help the process running shorter, more efficient. As the result, our clients save not only cost but human resource along with social duty as well as increase the efficiency of their supply chain. 

Ranging from everyday simple kinds of commodity to complicated and toughest ones, our customs clearance team help our partners to overcome the customs clearance procedure to bring the cargoes to where and when they should be.

The team of well trained and expierienced with customs brokerage licensed individules are ready to at your comprehensive services. 

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