Services of Logistics
Services of Logistics

> PCL is responsible for working out creative solutions from safe transportation to smart logistics including packaging, warehousing and distributing for each package

> PCL designs made-to-order services which standardly serve specific commodity of each customer. Besides, in order to be sure that PCL’s services serve the customers as its commitment, PCL works out Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) with each customer to specify each step of working process and its deadline.

Detailed description

 In addition to providing logistics service to the customers’ finished products including transportation, forwarding, tallying... PCL’s General Director also works with these customers to expand the co-operation by providing the service for their import inputs including customs clearance, trucking, tallying.... PCL owns and operates a large truck fleet ranging from 0.5 tons, 1.25 tons, 2.3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons up to 15 tons. All of them are specially allowed to go in and out every corner of any streets throughout Vietnam territory at any time (even during the rush hours), which helps PCL to ensure the best performance of each supply chain contract that PCL has ever signed.

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