Trans-Viet Shipping Service
Trans-Viet Shipping Service

Since ancient times, Vietnam and Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries have been close neighbors and confidant comrades to overcome the two resistance wars against America and France. Inheriting these fine traditions, today Southeast Asian countries have made important strides to become strategic partners of each other in both economy and politics. The recent years with rapid growth rate and have become a potential market for Vietnamese enterprises. And today's cross-country transportation is also much simpler and more convenient.

Detailed description

There are two main modes of transport through Laos, namely through channel and official channel

- Transportation of small-scale goods: is the use of border routes, not through border gates to transport goods, with small volume and scale. However, there is still management and inspection by the authorities, not too complicated in paper and procedures.

* Advantages of moving small-scale goods:

+ Simple procedure.

+ Fast time.

+ Can be flexible receiving locations.

* Limitations of small-scale transportation of goods:

+ The goods do not have a certificate of clear origin.

+ Small volume of goods transferred.

+ There are no papers related to the quality inspection of goods.

- Transport of goods through official channel: is the unit transporting goods based on economic contracts between the two importers and exporters, the goods must be provided with sufficient documents on quality as well as inspection of goods. chemical. Must be transported through the official border gates of the two countries.

* Advantages of regular goods transportation:

+ Clear proof of origin.

+ Can transport large quantities of goods.

+ Fully granted and certified in standard of goods.

* Limitations of transportation of goods through official quotas:

+ The procedure is long and takes a lot of time.

+ Must comply with the process, not flexible.

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