• 07/09/2021
  • 🔹 North-South freight is one of the popular domestic transportation services and is exploited by many transport units. However, the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic have had a certain impact on freight transportation on this arterial route. Facing that situation, State agencies and transport units have made great efforts to circulate goods to all regions of the country.

    🔹🔹 North-South freight modes in our country have developed quite diversely from trucking, container trucks, railways to waterways and air. In which, transporting goods by truck can be considered the most popular form because of its flexibility, meeting the transportation needs of the majority of people. For small and small goods, using trucks will help businesses optimize costs very well because of the flexibility in loading and unloading and choosing delivery locations. If the goods are large and bulky, from 5 to 30 tons or more, using a container truck will be more appropriate. Goods transported by containers are guaranteed to be in their original condition, not lost during transportation.

    🔸 PCL is one of the largest supply chain and integrated logistics service providers in Vietnam and the region. We own a complete Logistics ecosystem including the supply chain of Air Freight, International Transportation, Inland Transportation, Logistics Solutions, Port & Port Logistics, Rail Services, Customs and Services Distribution in Indochina, International E-Commerce Logistics, Warehousing Services with an international standard system spread throughout Vietnam. With this Logistics ecosystem, PCL can establish optimal North-South freight solutions, meeting all needs for domestic freight, ensuring a balance of benefits for businesses.

    🔸 Simultaneously, PCL provides a full range of delivery service packages such as receiving and delivering goods at PCL's warehouse, receiving goods at the request of businesses and delivering goods at PCL's warehouse, receiving goods at PCL's warehouse. PCL and delivery on demand or pick up and deliver goods to the location required by the business. In addition, PCL also offers ancillary services to meet the specific needs of businesses such as high-value goods, heavy goods, urgent goods, etc.

    ✨ With a variety of North-South freight services in terms of means of transport, delivery methods, support services... as above, PCL is committed to always accompanying businesses and sharing their worries. businesses to bring goods to provinces and regions from North to South safely, quickly and economically.

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